About Us!

My mother always told me I was born in the wrong century.  Perhaps this is true, and perhaps that is why I have always had an interest in the look and quality of handmade products from a by-gone era.  This facination, along with an interest in the making of bath & body products fueled my desire to find a more natural, less chemical way to make lotions and soaps, using long forgotten processes that worked well in the past.  Living in an agricultural state, I wanted to find a locally produced commodity that I could turn into a natural, high-quality product.  After testing a variety of ingredients, we discovered that buffalo tallow was the perfect base for non-greasy, skin loving lotions and soaps.

In 2005, the Prairie Soap Company was born, located at the foot of the Black Hills in Piedmont, South Dakota, with a strong commitment to make high quality soaps and lotions, using a locally produced commodity - the buffalo tallow - and marketing the products using packaging reminiscent of the old west.  We are the creators and sole producers of Buffalo Tallow Lotions & Lip Balms in the United States and have trademarked our products.

Buffalo tallow is certainly not a newcomer in the arena of skin care.  Back when the buffalo roamed the plains, the Native Americans in our area depended on the buffalo for sustenance and utilized every part of the animal, including the tallow.  Almost forgotten, the skin soothing and healing properties of buffalo tallow are as miraculous today, as they were back then.

The buffalo's resurgence in popularity in recent years, as people recognize the health benefits of a meat that is lower in fat content then beef, has resulted in an increase in the production and processing of buffalo, and has made buffalo tallow readily available in our area.  Hand made in small batches, our products start with the raw buffalo tallow that we refine as the base for our luxurious line of buffalo tallow soaps and lotions, lip balms and other products that we produce and package in our facility in Piedmont, South Dakota.  You can find our products in over 30 states from the east coast to the west coast and we also ship internationally! I invite you to take a trip with me into the past when you sample some of my unique nature-based products with and old time quality and look! 

Since the start of Prairie Soap Co we have extended our product line to also include a Prairie Naturals line and a Gardeners Line.  We are constantly formulating and testing new products with only the very best making it into our exclusive lines!